Deep Black (PC DVD)

Deep Black (PC DVD)

Excalibur Games

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Planet Earth: 2047

The world has spiralled into unrest and discord as major corporations fight to control what’s left of the world’s dwindling natural resources. In massive underwater labs, terrorists are fighting for possession of a recently discovered extra-terrestrial substance in an attempt to harness its untold power. You are a highly trained mercenary armed with the most sophisticated weaponry and technology money can buy, hired by a coalition to hunt and kill the aggressors in epic battles both below and above the surface.

Seamless use and execution of revolutionary and realistic in-game mechanics such as rag-doll in an underwater environment, offers a third person shooter experience like never before.


  • One of the first third person shooters to feature full support of NVIDIA 3D Vision.
  • Stunning under water physics and free movement lead to an unforgettable and completely new gaming experience.
  • Over 40 haunting missions in extraordinary environments both above and below the surface.
  • A wide range of unique weapons including EMP-grenades, stun-guns and high-tech underwater harpoons.
  • Action packed fights against futuristic cyborgs, enemy drones and human soldiers.
  • Take the fight online with the exciting underwater multiplayer mode.