figma Anzu Futaba

figma Anzu Futaba


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Fairy doodling. Idle cute, figma Futaba apricot, debut Blockbuster social game from "The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls", "Futaba apricot" is an appearance out of uniform. Of figma original joint parts fixed and Kichi~tsu and smooth, I reproduce every scene in the play. It is not breaking a proportion by using the soft material for the point, and ensure the range of motion. In addition to the "yawn face" and "fake smile face", expression was available was only Dara rolled up the "face eyes closed". Of course beloved and "stuffed" and "game machine", I will come with the favorite food also "candy". Sweat of face eyes closed and tears yawn face reproduced in Jewel seal. A pedestal for exclusive use of figma with a movable prop enabling various scenes is bundled.