Funko POP!-Krampus Krampus

Funko POP!-Krampus Krampus



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What are Funko Pop?

It is one of the most famous collectible figure brands in the world.

Funko Pop figures with huge heads and cute eyes from your series, comics, films, drawings, video games or favourite current characters, musical idols, pop icons etc.

There are thousands of different scenarios, bold colors, activities of a same character, different outfits, etc. and yes, they are all.

These figurines are assorted in size, there are only 5cm mini figures. Funko Keychains 1.25" The most common Funko Pops that are approximately 10 cm tall.

But as always there are exceptions... for example Funko Pop Rides are a larger size depending on the character vehicle.

Funko Game of Thrones Dragons are about 18cm long and 16cm tall or Star Wars characters like the R2-Q5 limited edition that come with banners for display and a height of 16cm. or the fantastic Harry Potter Hagrid that measures twice the usual characters.